The next three images are taken with my Samsung S5 and the last from my Dashcam.

Joyce’s new home for her porcelain and tea pot collection.  There is another case off to the right of the image – beside Joyce.



Then something i haven’t listened too for a long time, a Phonograph! Wow! talk about old, Mace and Russell didn’t even know what it was! I Picked this up on sale at Menards of all places.



Then scoured the thrift shops for a few albums to play.



And to top off the week, some idiot ran their semi under the 12 foot bridge. It amazes me, but happens a lot. lol.


Mason Edward Emmett Karn, from about six to almost ten. The first one, he was sick in. Next, he was so into the computer, he didn’t even notice me click the pic! And the 3rd is of his Mohawk, as you can see – he loved it and the last was taken just few weeks a go. Thanks, and have a great day, Ed.



After 50 years , I still find the new tech strange. For me using 1000 year old tech feels normal, but a having a Ipad or a ham radio in the shop just strikes me as unreal: Welcome to the new world.