IMG_4464Joyce successfully canned about 20 pints of our home grown grapes this year.

Thanks Kiddio!

I have the best tools!  However – my Pictures, not so the best!

IMG_4478IMG_4475 IMGP0839Can you  guess Why?

I get so frustrated sometimes! and  it is easy to blame the tools –  But I know the reason why

cropped-cropped-banner-background-1.jpg I just need to stop watching digital-rev tv  and Just take more pictures! Many, Many, Many. More!

Wagon hitch for a friend. Pardon my welds. used multiple passes, I was at the welders limit ( yup, I know, excuses – excuses).


Finely got to use the 1 inch  HSS drill bit I found at a garage sale 20 years ago      ( 50 cents). See!  Never throw things away, Ever…. You will need them, sometime..!


A garden hoe to last forever. quarter inch hardened and tempered steel….      This will never where out,  never.

20160710_173626 20160710_173640


That is not my maker mark, it was on the steel already. 20160710_173654 hoe1