River Bend Wireless and Mechanical Society

http://rbwms.net  and    http://rbwms.net/wiki

I am a plank owner and president. Great small club.  We put together our first club field day this year, held it at the river bend nature center

( http://www.rbnc.org/ ) worked out nice. Don’t ya love the sign-age!  all due to this guy. Jim Braaten – ( http://outsideconnections.com/ ), donated the sign and other graphics.



9 P.M. Saturday night. starting at that side ( ———–>) is KR0k, next in is KD0YRF( inside his trailer are several other hams, just can’t remember them all), Yep,  pansies one  and all, My God – do ya see them there mansions on wheels????  Pathetic. Now last, but much Tougher, is me and mine ( Dam! i look so poor next to them critters, lol).  Those are my three youngest sons. Russel ( working on his lic.), Raven( got his license at like 12 or 13, something like that, and Mason ( 9 years old, my youngest).  The antenna is my 6 meter loop at 30 feet. I only ran one station and was skunked. I knew running a 6 meter station was iffy, but what the hell. Tried anyways.



My blazer, 2001 4.3 liter 4×4 runs great. Pulling a slightly bigger then 4×7 trailer. Everything fits, From the 3000 watt gennie, inverter, charger, cords and assorted paraphernalia  of gas generated electricity to the tents and camping and living gear to the  ham gear! not to mention all the tools shovels, sledges, etc to set up. plus support for the kids and my  Ipads, androids and phones, network and computers.. No rain fly on the tent cuz it was still 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity.  and if ya look at the table close ya can see my Icom 746 and such. I also had a vhf rig to monitor the local repeater( 146.790, the good ol’79. cover several counties), also a TYT DMR  hand held and a scanner.IMGP0605


4 A.M.   As you can see the tables are empty. I packed it all into the trailer at  about 11:30 that night, cuz I knew it was going to be a wet morn, I was right. The fog didn’t burn off till 8 or so in the morning on Sunday. IMGP0646


and last but not least, I know you can’t see  it,  but just out there, over there, ya there, no, No, NO! There! Zombies!!!!.


Nostalgia Attack. Wow, it’s like I am a kid again.  Album done in 63, mom bought it for me at the grocery  store in  67 or 68 maybe 69, played it on my phonograph in the basement bedroom in Blaine, before we moved to the farm.. she also picked up The Prince and the Pauper and  Hans Brinker. I might buy them to.  Nice! Oh and ignore the laptop for the best effect.


20160610_105042 (copy)

The next three images are taken with my Samsung S5 and the last from my Dashcam.

Joyce’s new home for her porcelain and tea pot collection.  There is another case off to the right of the image – beside Joyce.



Then something i haven’t listened too for a long time, a Phonograph! Wow! talk about old, Mace and Russell didn’t even know what it was! I Picked this up on sale at Menards of all places.



Then scoured the thrift shops for a few albums to play.



And to top off the week, some idiot ran their semi under the 12 foot bridge. It amazes me, but happens a lot. lol.


Mason Edward Emmett Karn, from about six to almost ten. The first one, he was sick in. Next, he was so into the computer, he didn’t even notice me click the pic! And the 3rd is of his Mohawk, as you can see – he loved it and the last was taken just few weeks a go. Thanks, and have a great day, Ed.



After 50 years , I still find the new tech strange. For me using 1000 year old tech feels normal, but a having a Ipad or a ham radio in the shop just strikes me as unreal: Welcome to the new world.